Beef or veal, pork or lamb; and then the poultry, from the cockerel to the turkey. The roast is the king of the festive table, from our home Sunday to the Thanksgiving with stars and stripes. But it is also a challenge for the cook: to earn the applause it should not only be beautiful to see and smell deliciously, but melt in your mouth. Here are the rules for a perfect roast

When it comes to dishes that attract the attention of diners roasts , especially if it is important cuts of meat such as a loin, a rack of pork, a crown of lamb or a turkey, are certainly in the top ten. And what about the delicious fragrance that accompanies them? Perhaps not everyone knows that the latter is due to the so-called reaction of Maillard, from the chemist who studied it: it is a transformation of sugars and proteins that are caramelized with heat. In the case of roasts, the browning of the meat activates it, allowing the release of aromas of roasted meat that make us drink. We call the dish itself “roast”, especially in the case of beef or pork, but to be precise the generic term indicates the type of cooking of the meat, whether it is beef, pork or poultry. The roast cooking can be on the spit, in the oven or on the flame: the last two cases provide an initial browning over high heat and then continue cooking at constant heat, and never for long. The control of the temperature during cooking of the meat is decisive for a perfect result.

To save time

Steamed in a pressure cooker The pressure cooker allows to halve the cooking time of all foodstuffs. It is particularly advantageous for whole grains and legumes, in which it does not cause excessive losses of vitamins, but improves digestibility.

It is a very quick method to preserve raw vegetables ready at any time for an appetizer or a savory side dish. It can be made in brine (water and salt, as is done for olives) or under salt (as for the fermentation of sauerkraut). Multi-baking in the oven Above all those who have an electric oven at home, or wood for different reasons, are in the situation of having to make the most of its lighting. The best way is to bake more dishes together, such as pizza and pumpkin slices, or bread and a sweet or savory pie, vegetables and chestnuts.